Additional Submissions and Replies to Submissions

Alice Desjardins, Comments, February 4, 2000 pdf
The author refers to: In Search of Law

Jacob S Ziegel, Comments, February 1, 2000 pdf

Karen Selick, Comments, January 24, 2000 pdf

Justice Canada, January 21, 2000 pdf
  Cover Page and Table of Contents
Reply submission of the Government of Canada (18 pages)
Reply Appendices [Partial]
Canadian Judges Conference / Canadian Judicial Council, Reply Submissions, January 21, 2000 pdf [Missing appendix]

J. Patrick Peacock, Q.C., Re: The Law Society of Alberta, January 19, 2000 pdf

J. D. Honsberger, Re: Judicial Compensation and Benefits, January 11, 2000 pdf

Canadian Bar Association, Submission on Judges' Salaries & Benefits, January 2000 pdf

Les juges des cours d'appel de six provinces canadiennes, Mémoire pour un différentiel de rémunération entre les juges des cours d'appel et les juges des cours supérieures, December 1999 pdf (in French)

Please note : A hard copy of all documents may be obtained by communicating with the staff of the Commission

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